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Drain Cleaning

Is your drain clogged again? Call your Pasadena drain cleaning pros at (626) 394-9641 for long term solutions.

Efficient drains are a key part of your home’s plumbing system. If you are having problems with slow or blocked drains, contact us for an inspection. We will locate the affected area and completely remove the blockage so you can enjoy normal water flow once again.

What are some signs that you need a professional drain cleaning?

Take a look at problem signs below:

Slow drains: This is a sign that your pipe is at least partially clogged. Although it might not be severe enough to prevent you from using the drain, be aware that it will worsen over time if not repaired. Such blockages are typically caused by a build-up of hair, food particles, grease, or soap scum.

Completely blocked drain: When this happens, water won't drain at all. This problem may also result in overflow. The source of the clog is likely deep in the pipeline and will need to be removed by your plumber.

Foul odors: What's that terrible smell? If you find yourself wondering this, it could be your clogged drain. As debris, grease, and other filth accumulate on the walls of your drain pipes, this  bacterial overgrowth will release unpleasant odors. This is most common in the kitchen, where food particles are frequently washed down the sink.

What are the benefits of a professional cleaning?

Our technicians have the proper tools and knowledge to successfully remove any blockages. We can get the job done without causing additional problems. We are also able to find the exact cause of the clog and take the right steps to fix it.

Having the drains of your Pasadena home cleaned on a regular basis can also help resolve minor issues before they turn into larger problems. While clearing out your drains, we can tell you what state they are in and recommend a solution.

How can you avoid clogs?

Follow these simple tips:

Use a mesh drain trap: This may seem basic, but it is the most effective way to avoid regular clogging. Although these drain traps can't prevent everything from entering the drain, they are an ideal way to keep large debris from getting stuck in the pipes.

Be mindful of what enters the drains: Avoid pouring grease and large food items down your drain, as well as other items that would be hard on your garbage disposal.

Flush with care: Watch what gets flushed on a regular basis. Even too much toilet paper entering your drains can lead to clogging.

Don’t stand in a pool of water when you shower. Call us at (626) 394-9641 to get your clogged drain fixed right away.