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Pasadena Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement Services

Under the sink garbage disposal unit.

Is your broken garbage disposal clogging your drains? Call your Pasadena garbage disposal repair experts at (626) 394-9641. Professional solutions and long term efficiency. 

Having garbage disposal problems? Tired of your kitchen sink clogging because the disposal can’t shred properly? Solve your problem with help from your local Pasadena garbage disposal repair and replacement team. We fix all makes and models.

What are some common garbage disposal problems?

Malfunctioning garbage disposals can lead to clogged drain problems. Disposals can also leak; when this happens, we will determine the cause of the leak so that a repair or replacement can be performed.

If your garbage disposal has stopped working altogether, we will either reset the machine electrically or replace it for you.

Some homeowners call us about a garbage disposal that is making too much noise. We will inspect the unit and the drain to see if a foreign object is lodged somewhere. If so, we will remove it safely for you.

Should you repair your unit, or just replace the whole thing?

Most garbage disposals come with a one- to three-year warranty. Some may provide you with reliable use for a decade or longer. While we do our best to repair any issues, there are some problems that make it difficult to make repairs last (such as a burned out motor). We will diagnose the problem to determine if a repair or replacement is more cost-effective for you.

What are some easy disposal maintenance tips?

We understand that you want to get the most out of your garbage disposal after every meal. That’s why we provide our customers with easy ways they can keep their unit running efficiently.

  • Clean the disposal periodically by running citrus peels through the unit
  • Be mindful of what items can cause problems for your disposal and avoid throwing them in the drain
  • If the motor stops working, check the electrical supply to the unit or reset the button on the base of the unit. If this does not work, contact us for help.

Gain greater peace of mind knowing your plumbing problems are being handled by the experts. Call us today at (626) 394-9641 for the right solutions to your garbage disposal issues.