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How it can lower your water bill and help the environment

Beat the drought. Beat your water bill!

Greywater water bill

North Brothers Plumbing discount offer“California Water Crisis” is an all-too-familiar phrase for most Southern California residents. It seems that Pasadena-area homeowners have been under an unending water restriction.

As a result, landscaping and plants in the area are drying up. Yet even with reduced watering, water bills increase! It's a frustrating situation with seemingly no solution.

But what if you and your family could still water your plants and not only save money on your water bill, but also provide benefit to the environment?

Hard to believe? It IS possible! Greywater reuse is the solution.

What is Greywater?

Greywater recycle water dropGreywater is lightly used water from home plumbing sources such as washing machines.

Greywater reuse takes this water and repurposes it as a safe source of water for plants. Greywater can even benefit the lawn and foliage with nutrients that otherwise would go to waste. In fact, per, if greywater is placed into bodies of water such as rivers or lakes, its beneficial nutrients become pollutants. Reusing your greywater keeps it out of the sewer or septic system, thereby reducing the chance that it will pollute local water.

How Greywater Can Save You Money

As advanced as your home appliances and plumbing are, they still use quite a bit of water. And naturally every washing machine load increases your water bill.

But Greywater actually allows you to reuse that water. Imagine, every time you wash your whites you will know you are watering your garden and providing valuable nourishing water to your beautiful plants at the same time. Your landscaping stays healthy. Your water bill stays low.

The Many Advantages of Greywater

Let’s take a look at all of the benefits of Greywater:

  • Increased savings on your water bill by irrigating plants with already drawn water
  • Potentially healthier, happier plants using water with potential nutrients that otherwise would go to waste
  • Helping to prevent this water from ending up in rivers or lakes and reducing sewage cleaning needs and pollutants
  • Knowing you are really contributing to efforts to reduce water waste and improve drought conditions.

And getting a Greywater Reuse system has never been easier!

North Brothers Greywater Reuse System Installation

Our purpose, as with all our services, is to provide the plumbing services you need, with a 100% guarantee. And our simple but effective Greywater Reuse System is no different.

Our laundry-to-landscape system involves connecting the washing machine drain hose to pipes that run to the landscaping and plants. You can have a cost-effective, money-saving and environmentally friendly water solution.

In very short order, your home can be benefiting from this ecological and economical system.

If you are interested in our custom Greywater Reuse System, simply fill out the short form below and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. You can also call us at (626) 394-9641.

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