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Is your plumbing system causing you trouble? Call (626) 394-9641 today and we’ll send an expert Highland Park plumber to your home to provide a quick solution. Our service is guaranteed and we’ve been providing residents in the Highland Park area with high quality plumbing services since 2003.

If you have ever experienced a plumbing visit where the technician showed up late, left a mess in your house and wouldn’t answer any of your questions, you know the importance of good customer service. Fixing your plumbing problem effectively and efficiently is a must, but things like showing up on time, being cordial and helpful and respecting your home are equally as important. We provide our customers with the highest quality customer service for all of our services, and we offer financing to meet just about any budget.

What’s that Awful Smell?

Sometimes, the first sign you’ll get when your drains are clogged can’t be detected by sight, but by smell. The water may still be flowing down the drain ok, but you smell a foul odor that reminds you of sewage every time you get close to the sink. If this is happening to you, consider yourself lucky because you’ve caught the problem before it turns into an actual clog. You may be tempted to just deodorize the area and carry on like normal, but you should contact your plumber and address the source of the smell, before it gets worse.

The Basics of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

A healthy sewer line is an integral part of any household plumbing system, and when problems arise, the situation can get very messy. Traditionally, plumbers would have to dig a trench alongside the sewer line to find the source of the problem and repair or replace the damaged sections. With trenchless sewer line repair, the need for excessive digging is removed, and the process is much more efficient and less disruptive. Your plumber can pinpoint the problem and make the necessary repairs quickly and without tearing up your property.

More Plumbing Services in Highland Park, CA:

  •         Toilet Repair & Installation
  •         Sump Pumps
  •         Water Softeners
  •         Water Filtration System
  •         Tankless Water Heaters
  •         Drain Cleaning
  •         Hydrojetting
  •         Burst Pipe Repair
  •         Gas Line Repairs & Leak Detection
  •         Trenchless Sewer Repair
  •         Repiping
  •         Garbage Disposals
  •         Faucets, Fixtures and Sinks

If you have a water leak, clogged drain or water heating issue that needs a Highland Park plumber, call North Brothers Plumbing & Rooter today at (626) 394-9641. We will send one of our plumbers to your home or business to assess the situation and provide an affordable solution.