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Pasadena Plumbing Services


24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Available

We are an established Pasadena plumbing contractor right here in your neighborhood. North Brothers Plumbing & Rooter has been serving the area since 2003. We are dedicated to top-notch customer service, which means we always wear shoe covers and leave your home as clean as we found it. Our experienced technicians are ready to handle any plumbing problem  you have, whether it’s a stubborn drain clog or a water heater that’s about to break down.

Looking for a clogged drain solution that works?

Do you have slow draining sinks or showers? Is the clog not going away, even though you have tried everything? A blockage in your pipe system can lead to foul smells wafting up from your drains, so you will need to clear any large obstructions as soon as you can.

North Brothers Plumbing & Rooter has the tools to successfully and safely repair any clogged drain. We don’t use harsh chemical agents that can harm your pipes. You can rest assured that our solutions will keep your drains clog-free for the long term.

When is hydrojetting needed?

Have you been told that your pipes need to be replaced because they are clogged beyond repair? You may not need to repipe your entire system. You may just need hydrojetting.

Hydrojetting is the most efficient way to clean severely clogged drains and sewer lines. During this process, we force highly pressurized water into your drains for a thorough clean. This is a completely safe and highly effective way to get rid of years of debris build-up. Contact us for more information.

What is trenchless pipe lining?

Trenchless pipe lining is a method of sewer line repair that limits digging and damage to your property. This service features an epoxy resin and a hardener that we install into your existing pipeline to repair damaged points. This is all done without excavating and can be used on any kind of pipe material (clay, cast iron, concrete, ABS, and more). Trenchless pipe lining is a long term solution that lasts for over 50 years.

The benefits of trenchless sewer repair include lower costs (no property damage to repair), faster results, and greater flow efficiency.

Need water heater repair or replacement?

Is your water heater over 10 years old? It may start to show signs of weakness. Problems include lack of hot water, unusual sounds, and leaking in the tank. Contact us to inspect the problem, and we will recommend repair or replacement.

Call us today at (626) 394-9641 to schedule an immediate appointment with Pasadena’s premier plumbing team.