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Pasadena Repiping Services


Looking for reliable, cost-effective repiping services? Call your Pasadena repiping pros at (626) 394-9641 for long-term solutions.

Do you need to replace the pipes in your home? We can help. North Brothers Plumbing & Rooter is your local Pasadena repiping team, providing quality service you can trust.

What are some signs that you may need to repipe your home?

Take a look at these problem signs:

  • The color of your water is slightly red or brown
  • Low or poor water pressure, often caused by corrosion in older pipes that need to be replaced
  • Your home is older than 15 years and has never been repiped
  • Your pipes frequently leak

Do you still have galvanized steel or polybutylene pipes?

Galvanized steel pipes were the norm in homes built before the 1960s; however, those pipes have proven to be unreliable over time. They are prone to corrosion and severe clogging, leading to water pressure issues. Many older homes with galvanized steel pipes have either been repiped or are in need of repiping.

Polybutylene pipes are another material that need to be replaced. Certain disinfectants or chemicals create negative reactions with the polybutylene and can cause it to flake and deteriorate. This is unsafe for the overall structure of your home.

Some manufacturers also claim that a majority of the leaks in polybutylene pipes occur at the joints and unions. These are the areas where leaks typically occur if the pipes were improperly installed. Polybutylene pipes can leak unnoticed for long periods of time, so it is recommended that they be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further problems.

Your technicians at North Brothers Plumbing & Rooter will recommend the best pipe material for replacement and make sure they are installed to highest quality.

Which pipe materials do we use?

Two popular piping materials are copper and PEX.

Copper has been the material of choice for over 70 years, with 95 percent of homes equipped with this type of pipe. Take a look at some of the benefits that come with copper piping:

  • 50-year warranty
  • Easy to repair
  • Safe on the environment (they do not require solvents that contain volatile organic compounds)
  • Can handle extreme changes in temperature and pressure

PEX pipes are another great alternative. Here are its benefits:

  • They are more resistant to freezing temperatures
  • They are less costly compared to other materials
  • Water flows more quietly through PEX tubing
  • They are flexible and require fewer fittings than rigid piping
  • They conserve energy since they do not transfer heat as readily as copper

Is it time to repipe your home? Don’t put it off any longer. Call us today at (626) 394-9641 to schedule an immediate appointment with our team.