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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Your Spendings

Hot water heaters are no longer a option. They are a necessity but they can put a strain on your energy bill. By following just a few basic steps you can improve your hot water’s energy consumption and reduce the impact it has on your energy bill.

Learn How Water Heater Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

1. The first step you need to take to make ensure your hot water heater is working efficiently is to get a qualified expert to inspect your hot water heater. Rust and sentiment build-up can impact your hot water heater’s energy consumption. A routine service inspection can save you a lot of time and trouble. Most tank hot water heaters need to have sentiment removed every three months.

2. Consider upgrading your hot water heater. Most people do not use all the water that is heated in the tank. Consider purchasing a smaller unit or even installing a tank less hot water heater. The tank less hot water heater only heats the water as it is used. This will save an enormous amount of energy by not continuously heating water that is not in use. Have a professional inspect your home to see if a tank less water heater is a good investment for you.

3. Have heat traps installed on the hot and cold pipes of your hot water heater. This will prevent heat loss. Most newer hot water heaters already have them installed but ask an expert to see if you have them already or need them installed.

4. Insulate your hot water heater and the pipes coming from your hot water heater for about six feet. When you are insulating your hot water heater make sure not to insulate the thermostat on the tank.

5. Reset your thermostat. Most people do not use or need a high temperature so using the extra energy to heat the water to a higher temperature is useless. Setting your thermostat to about 120 degrees is usually an adequate temperature for most households. If you are not sure how to do this, consult a professional and they can set it for you.

If your hot water heater is not working properly it can make a huge impact on your energy bill. By seeking the help you a qualified expert, you can save money each month and reduce the headaches of unexpected problems attributed to your hot water heater.

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