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Most interested property owners will have a licensed home inspector come out to their property and check for issues throughout the home. While this is a good practice to uphold, having a generic inspection is not enough when it comes to making such a important investment decision. Home inspectors are only trained to check general areas of concern and often miss a lot of specialized areas that new home owners should concern themselves with. A professional on the other hand is trained to provide a thorough plumbing inspection to ensure efficiency.

What to Expect From a Plumber

When a plumbing professional comes out for a home inspection, they will do a complete check of the home. The inspection points might include the water heater and storage tank, both the kitchen and bathroom sinks, drains and vents, as well as the bathtub, toilet, faucets, and sewer lines. Some of the more common plumbing findings during a home inspection include slow drainage issues, leaky pipes, and other plumbing issues that could cost a significant amount of money to repair.

Drain and Sewer Issues

Depositphotos_1-199x300Inspectors will check all of the drains on the property to ensure that they are working effectively. Commonly found however, is that there is a major issue with the drains in the home. It is usually the result of debris and other items stuck in the system that is preventing it from draining out properly. Other draining issues could be more severe and include an issue with the septic tank which resulted in a huge household clog. When the septic tank is backed up or damaged, it could result is a real mess to clean up both physically and financially.

This is just the surface of what is typically discovered during a plumbing inspection of a new property. These findings can cost a new homeowner thousands of dollars to have repaired. This is why it is ideal to have this service prior to closing the deal on the home. That way you are prepared to make the best decision possible for your future. Be sure to hire a reputable plumbing professional that has conducted inspections in the past for the best results.

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