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Discolored water can occur in almost any property at any time of the day or night. Sediment and corroded metal can often be pushed into a water system when water is diverted into a different area of the system, such as when a fire hydrant is turned on or there is large demand on the water system in any area. These discolored water problems tend to be temporary, but other problems can often be permanent without the help of a professional plumber to find and repair the problem causing the discoloration. Older metal pipes, which are now largely replaced by plastic options can corrode and allow rust to discolor water as it passes through them. Other problems can include an aging hot water heater that is filled with rust on its interior, this pushed sediment and rust into the water system where the water would normally be clean and clear. We can help with our plumbing services.

Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention

Repairing Problems With Discolored Water

A professional plumber can often find the problem causing water discoloration and make sure the problem is removed from the system or repaired to limit the disruption to a property owner. Temporary problems with sediment and rust from further down the line can be limited easily by a professional plumber who will flush the system to clear the discoloration and return the system to good working order. Other repairs may be more difficult to complete and require the installation of a replacement hot water heater or corroded pipes to be exchanged for newer options made from plastic that lower the risk of corrosion.

Preventing Discoloration in the Water Supply

If discoloration has taken place at any point the chances of further discoloration taking place can be reduced with a small amount of maintenance to remove corroded metal pipes and replacing them with plastic piping options. Making sure a hot water heater is in good working order and is not corroding inside can be done with a few simple checks completed as part of regular maintenance offered by a professional plumbing company. If a property owner fears the problem of discolored water entering their property from a main water supply or well, a good option is to install a whole home filtration system with a professional plumbing company. by choosing a professional plumber the property owner knows their installation will have a prolonged lifespan and be installed without longterm problems.

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