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Take a Leap Back in Time & Repipe Your Home!

You will know when it is time to repipe your home because you will experience signs in the running water of your home that are not common. For example corrosion in pipes will sometimes cause water to have a rusty color. Drinking the water can also seem a bit bitter, and other times there can also be a smell that comes from erosion and rust. Some people claim that older houses don’t have the same water flow int he pressure system, and tubs take longer to fill. On the other hand quick fixes may have taken place and sealing leaks with duct tape under a sink in several places can cause damage to your furniture, flooring, and walls, so it is always best to contact a professional plumber for repiping services.

Depending on the size of the project, the process should not take that long. Most plumbers would say that between 1-5 days after a permit is issued. Some smaller projects may be done on the same day depending on the size of home and the work needed to provide a clean and finished project, such as in cases where walls need patching or painting. Projects also need to be inspections to make sure that the work was done properly. In some cases water will be turned off for about half a day, and the project may be finished before the day is over.

Many plumbers can do the job, but if there is a problem with improper repiping process, you may no have any recourse for money and time already invested. A professional plumber or plumbing company will guarantee a job well done, and offer warranties such as in a case of replacing a water heater. Professional plumbers can also offer the best advise on the various materials and options that will work best for repiping your home. Water damage done by improper repiping can be a nightmare! Hiring professional plumbers ensures that the repiping process done on your house will be done professionally, and last for many years to come. Professional knowledge and expertise is the best way to guarantee that the repiping of your home, will work efficiently and properly.

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