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3 Game-Changing Perks of Remodeling Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is possibly the most popular home improvement task. A bathroom can be given an updated look. Others choose to remodel the bathroom if they are planning to sell their home and are confident that by accomplishing this project, it will increase the value of the home. Depending on your choices, a bathroom can be an expensive project however certain changes will ensure that it is equipped with safety features, works more efficiently and it can ultimately increase a home’s value.

1. Added Value.

By updating a bathroom it will increase the comfort of your home, add a good deal of value for many years and it will increase its equity overall. If a house is in pretty good shape, such as having an updated kitchen, a well maintained electrical system, clean carpeting and paint job, than more than half of the first investment could be recovered after it is sold.

2. Safety Upgrade.

Bathroom-Remodeling-300x241Obviously every homeowner wants to be assured that their loved ones are safe when they use the bathroom as this room can be the most dangerous room in a home. Besides the potential of running into injuries and accidents, electrical containers and plumbing may increase the chances of damage to a house. Therefore it can be wise to consider making changes to switches and the electrical outlets and exchanging them for ones that are moisture proof, particularly if they are close to water sources such as a tub or sink. For cabinets that store medicines or any hazardous cleaning products, be sure to place safety latches on them. If you will replace the faucets, ensure the replacement faucets have lever handles as they will be easier to use, especially for individuals who are physically challenged or the elderly. Also have reach bars installed inside the shower and near the toilet to avoid the risk of falls.

3. Efficiency.

A homeowner can be on their way to reducing their monthly utility bills by updating a bathroom with faucets, shower-heads or lighting that is energy efficient. Look for shower-heads and faucets that were specifically created to reduce water usage, in fact there are many choices available that can even reduce water consumption in half. Consider investing in a contemporary dual flushing toilet which can conserve water by using various levels of water in its flushing system. These modern toilets are sleek yet are good quality.

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