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Hydrojetting is an effective and popular solution that many customers turn to when they discover that their sewage lines or pipes aren’t functionally properly due to clogging. When a pipe is unable to function properly due to a blockage caused by grease, debris or tree roots, a plumbing professional can use a high-pressured water hose to siphon water at rates as high as 4,000 pounds per minute through the pipe in question. The water flows through the pipes at such a high velocity that it is able to quickly and easily remove any tree roots, grease or debris that was causing the blockage.

Hydrojetting Grease

For customers that maintain commercial properties such as restaurants or hotels, pipe blockages caused by grease can become a regular problem. Grease that is used to be prepare food for restaurant goers or hotel guests can easily find its way into the sewage lines of these establishments. Once grease seeps its way into drains and pipes it has a tendency to congeal into thick, crusty build up. It can even harden as it seeps into pipes creating the kinds of barriers that can ruin a sewage system. Our customers find that hydrojetting is often the easiest way to remove blockages created by grease buildup.

Hydrojetting Roots

Because pipe are completely submerged underground, there is a very high likelihood that tree roots could cause them to function improperly. It is not uncommon for pipes to be damaged by root intrusion. Though plumbing snaking is a possible solution, customers often find that hydrojetting is the most effective and long-term solution for keeping roots from interfering with the proper functioning of their pipe system. Plumbing snaking involves running a tube through the pipe that has sharp metal blades attached to one end of it. The idea is that the blades cut their way through the build up rather than completely pulverizing it. Because root intrusion can have a high propensity to cause regular and even permanent damage to pipes it is recommended that customers strongly consider hydrojetting. The hydrojetting process completely destroys the blockage and allows customers to have longer periods in between service times.

Hydrojetting Debris

From cat litter to action figures, somehow all kinds of debris have a way of making it into our customers’ sewage systems. Before cleaning out unwanted debris our technicians will diagnose the source of a pipe’s blockage by using a small camera. Because hydrojetting is so thorough, it’s the best choice for making sure that unexpected materials are completely and thoroughly flushed out of a customer’s pipes.

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