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Bathroom Remodeling For You!

You know it might be time to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom when your friend says she loves the retro 70s look and you had not changed a thing since you bought your house twenty years ago. If your bathroom is old and tired looking, give it a new look and feel.

Cheap Upgrades

1. Change the towel bars, towel rack, or towel rings. You would be surprised at the difference a classy brass towel rack can make in a hum-drum bathroom. There are all types of accessories that can add interest to your bathroom.

2. Upgrade your medicine cabinet with something more modern. While your old cabinet may be functional, it may not have the eye appeal that you want. Go to your local home improvement center and see if their is a modern medicine cabinet that will look great in your bathroom.

3. Change the faucet in your sink. Your faucet and hot and cold knobs can easily be replaced with any number of interesting possibilities. You have a choice of colors, styles, and designs.

4. Change your shower head. You can upgrade to a multi-spray shower head that will give you a massage. Attach the shower head to a flexible hose to increase your shower’s reach and functionality.

Reasonably Priced Upgrades

5. Replace your old shower doors. Upgrading from an opaque glass shower door with that dull metal frame to a clear glass shower with a beautiful metal trim will immediately make your bathroom look fresh and new.

6. New Tile on the bathroom floor is another easy upgrade that makes a big difference in the appearance and feel of your bathroom. Replace that old linoleum with inexpensive ceramic tile of your choice.

7. Adding new tile on shower walls is not a very complicated job for a pro. You can choose colors, patterns, and the size of the tile that you like.

Expensive Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

8. Replacing a rusty bath tub is not cheap. However, it will make your bathroom more appealing. A new tub with new hardware is a luxury you deserve.

9. Replace the toilet. Is your toilet old and slow to flush? Is it too low to the floor. Go in style with a new toilet that meets your needs and desires.

10. Totally gutting your old bathroom and starting from scratch allows you to design the bathroom of your dreams. Yes it can be very expensive, but you will recoup some of your cost by being able to sell your house for a higher price if and when you decide to move.

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