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Don't Mess With Your Drains

Home drains can get clogged or backed up from time to time. Homeowners sometimes buy chemical drain cleaning solutions to fix the problem. However, it can be risky to use these products, especially since few people take the precautions that are necessary. Here are some of the main dangers in using a chemical drain cleaner.


Chemical drain cleaners can have a pungent odor that is unpleasant to have in the house. More importantly, there may be fumes that can be hazardous to breathing. That means the house must be aired out when the cleaner is used, and even then, fumes may linger. They are especially hard on young children, the elderly, and those with breathing problems like asthma.


Some types of drain cleaners are highly caustic, which means they will burn any skin areas they touch. Special protective gear must be worn when using this type of cleaner, which
makes the task difficult and even more costly. If someone is burned from the chemical, he or she will probably need emergency medical care.


Unfortunately, children and pets sometimes accidentally or deliberately get into cleaning products that are dangerous for them. If they eat or drink chemical drain cleaners, they could experience severe internal damage or even die as a result.


Chemical cleaning solutions not only get rid of debris and drainage residue, but they also can corrode the home’s plumbing. Over time, leaks or breakage may occur, which will then require expensive repairs to the home’s pipes and drainage system. Some homeowners use chemical cleaners carelessly, which can increase the potential damages that may occur to the household plumbing.


As chemical drain cleaners are flushed through a home’s pipeline and are released into the environment, they may be able to cause problems to the air, water, or soil, depending on the disposal method. Even the cleaner’s container, if discarded with residual chemical solution into a home’s regular trash removal system, may pose a biohazard to the landfill where it ends up.
A chemical drain cleaner is a dangerous tool that can quickly become a weapon is carelessly handled or misused. It is best to check with a trained professional plumber for help with unclogging household or office drains.

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