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Conserving water at home is an important task. It not only helps you preserve a precious natural resource, it also means lower water bills for your household every month. If you find that your water bill is getting uncomfortably high, don’t panic. There are some easy changes you can make to drastically lower your water consumption.

Plug Leaks as Soon as They Develop

Leaks are often taken for granted. What many do not realize, is that leaks will cumulatively drain liters of water from your plumbing system each day. Now imagine what amount of water your leaks put to waste in a month.

Highly leak-prone areas in your home include; under the water heater, in the inlet tube leading to your water closet and under sinks. Another thing you need to learn about leaks is that they do not stop. In fact, leaks grow with time. If you notice a leak in your plumbing system, have your plumber seal it immediately.

Reducing Water Use in the Bathroom:

Bathrooms alone consume a hefty part of your home water. There are three drastic ways you can cut back on this consumption.

  1. Get a shower-head with adjustable levels. This will let you limit the amount of water being used when showering
  2. Use the shower instead of the tub. Needless to say, tubs take up lots of water compared to showers
  3. Get a smaller toilet tank. A smaller tank holds less water but drains with the same pressure, so your toilet will still flush okay.
Your plumber can help you install the shower-heads and toilet tanks with minimal interruption.

Avoid Running Water in the Kitchen

The kitchen is also responsible for the second largest water use in the house, right after the bathroom. To conserve water use in this area, avoid cleaning utensils under running water all the time. Instead, plug the sink with the stopper then use a little water to soap up your utensils. Once done, drain the water and fill up the sink with water to rinse. Overall, this saves water compared to rinsing every piece of cutlery or cookware under running water.

With these changes, you can easily lower your water consumption and avoid unnecessary wastage from your plumbing system without changing your lifestyle in any major way.

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