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Here are some things to consider if you have a pet

When taking care of pets, there are many ways to ensure you can keep the drains and pipes of your Pasadena home clean. Whether you are flushing litter and other items down the toilet, giving your pet a nice bath, or giving Fido a bowl of fresh food and water, all of these things can sometimes add up to creating unnecessary plumbing problems. To make sure you don’t wind up having to call a plumber to unclog your pipes and drains, here are some suggestions you may want to follow when caring for your pets.

A Hair-Free Bath

When giving your pet a bath, it’s important to not let any more of their hair than possible go down the drain. If you let excessive amounts of hair enter the drain time and time again, at some point it will create a clog that requires a plumber to clean. To avoid this problem, use a drain strainer in the tub to catch as much of your pet’s hair as possible.

Many strainers are made to be used when bathing pets, so they can catch virtually all of a pet’s hair. Plumbers can often recommend the best strainers, so if there’s any doubt ask their opinion.

Litter Issues

Much of today’s cat litter is supposed to be fine when flushed down the toilet, but it actually is anything but fine. While the litter may be convenient for a Pasadena pet owner, it can ruin the pipes and drains. Over time, the litter acts much like concrete inside the pipes, becoming hard and virtually impossible to penetrate.

Plumbers report these clogs to be some of the hardest ones to clean, so try to avoid flushing litter if possible. And to make sure no additional clogs form, dogs should not be allowed to drink from the toilet bowl, since they shed hair into it that winds up clogging the pipes as well.

Cover Pipes and Install Drain Covering

To keep pipes from being damaged by puppies that are teething, be sure to cover any and all exposed pipes in the home. Cats can also be a problem with pipes and drains, since they will always walk into open drains to see what’s inside.

Unfortunately, they almost always get stuck inside there, and need a plumber in order to be rescued and set free. To prevent this from happening, install drain covers and keep any exposed pipes covered at all times.

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