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Maintaining Your Toilet is Important for Functionality Purposes

Your Pasadena home toilet is one of those things you don’t really want to think about very much. You just want to use it and forget about it. But toilets aren’t always so cooperative. There are challenges in using and maintaining them.

Clogs Within Your Toilet

One of the most common — and worst — maintenance problems with toilets is the potential for a clog. A lot of stuff goes down your toilet when you flush, and that stuff can clog the pipes. One way to help prevent clogs is to not flush anything down the toilet that shouldn’t be.

Generally, the only thing that should get flushed other than human waste is toilet paper. Don’t flush paper towels, tampons, diapers or cat litter.

If you do get a clog, you have to use a plunger to unstick the clog. Drain cleaners are not recommended for toilets.

Toilet Tank Issues

There are many parts in your Pasadena home toilet tank, which means there is a lot of stuff that could go wrong in there. Among the most common problems are the chain falling off the handle, which prevents the flapper from opening and closing to let water into and out of the tank.

If the chain just falls off, it’s an easy fix to reattach it. If it breaks, you may have to replace the whole handle mechanism. Other things that can go wrong in your tank include a problem with the ball or float, which can prevent your tank from filling fully.

Leaks Within Your Plumbing System

Another common problem with toilets are leaks, which can either be external or internal.

External leaks usually are caused either by faulty seals or loose bolts or by a leak in the water line. One way to tell which is which is to shut the water to the toilet off. If that stops the leak, then it’s likely a problem with the water line.

Leaks also can occur internally. If the flapper doesn’t seal properly, water can leak from the tank into the bowl, which will cause your toilet to run as it constantly senses the need to increase the water level in the tank.

Though you can solve many maintenance problems with your toilet on your own, you should contact a plumber if the problems are chronic or if the problem seems well beyond what you feel comfortable attempting to deal with on your own.

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