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Keep Your Drain Squeaky Clean

A plumber is a fantastic asset when the drainage gets worse and they are blocked entirely. But plumbers have a number of intuitive tips that homeowners can do on a daily basis to reduce blockage without damaging their pipes. Reducing Big Chunks

The below three strategies revolve around keeping clogged food chunks out of the sink and consequently, out of the draining system.

1. Scrape Plates: This overlooked and often forgotten strategy can go a long way in minimizing drainage issues. These chunks may often go down the drain and go out of sight.

2. Drain Strainer: One great way to prevent clogging in the drains is to hold a strainer over the sink as dishes are being cleaned. This could be as simple as a spaghetti strainer or as complex as something that attaches and lowers under the sink head.

3. Cold Water in the Disposal: A garbage disposal is a wonderful sink feature to reduce potential blockage. But individuals can help it along by running cold water down the disposal to keep the food chunks flowing and keep them from sticking alongside the interior of the garbage disposal. This can be messy, promote bacteria growth, and generally smell.

Not DIY, But Close

These below strategies seem like a DIY option, but they should not be done without proper practice. A professional plumber can use these quick-witted strategies in a controlled way, preventing major damages and getting the job done right!

4. Bleach: Bleach is a nasty chemical. Too much and it can be a disaster. Plumbers will sometimes use minimal amounts of bleach to get the especially ingrained substances out.

5. Dish Detergent: Many people do not factor in dish detergent. Plumbers can mix in a small portion of dish detergent with extremely hot water.

6. Table Salt: Table salt is a great strategy for use in bathroom sinkls because of the copious calcium build up. Again, this strategy is not smart for a DIY, and will often be used by plumbers in a controlled area to ‘test’ the initial blockage.

Repairs That Help

When looking at the long term, plumbers can deploy long term structuring issues to retain proper plumbing. The below are considered mild repairs that plumbers use to deter any potential blockage.

7. Pipe Removal: Chunks are being lodged around corners and along the pipes edges where the constant barrage of water simply keeps them suctioned. A plumber will remove pipes and manually remove excess build up.

8. Chemicals Along Pipe: Sometimes, a plumber will use a special substance that goes along the pipe. It may reduce the quantity of food that will attach to the sides of the pipe and slowly degrade.

9. Reorganize the Piping: If a certain spot becomes trouble, a professional may actually redirect the line around it and remove it from the piping.

10. Hose and Pressure in the Shower: Certain pipes may become rusted and worn, which can affect the water output or clock the system, especially in the shower drain.

Also, a shower system may become blocked with hair and soap suds. A plumber may use the pressure of a hose to push items through the piping of the shower.

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