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Need Trenchless Sewer Repair?

How It Works

Trenchless sewer repair is a pipe bursting method in which a big cone shaped head is pulled by a steel cable hydraulically through your old sewer line.

It breaks apart the old pipe that is underground. At the same time, it is pulling a brand new HDPE pipe, either the same size or larger than the old one. It drops it into the place of the old one which is broken into pieces now.First the problem has to be identified so a camera will be ran through your sewer line. This will display what the issue is and how it should be fixed. Once the problem is evaluated, the sewer line has to be accessed.

At both ends of the sewer line, two small sized holes will be dug. At the beginning, a cable is put through and ran to the other side. On one end of the cable lies a pneumatic jack and the other end has a cone shaped head.

The head is attached to the brand new HDPE pipe which is also heat fused. The head is pulled through the sewer line while breaking apart the old pipe into little pieces even if it is cast iron. While doing this, it also brings behind the new pipe and lays it in place of the old one.


Trenchless sewer repair does not require extensive digging like a lot of other pipe bursting methods do. The damage is very minimal except for the two small holes at either side and all of the repairing is done completely underground.It saves you tons of time and money compared to excavation. There are many more expenses that go into excavation and the repair of the site afterwards. Trenchless sewer repair is quick and very inexpensive. You save about 40% compared to older pipe bursting methods.HDPE pipes are extremely strong and durable with a lifetime guarantee. It is very high quality and completely seamless. This completely gets rid of any possibility for root intrusion and offset or gapped joints.

Why Get Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is needed for many different reasons if you are noticing problems with your sewer line.

  • Pipe is broken or damaged
  • Water leakage
  • Tree roots are interfering
  • The ground is shifting
  • Frozen sewer line
  • Old sewer line

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