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Stop Draining Your Wallet: Keep Those Drains Clean

Keeping your household drains clean and free of debris that can cause backups is an important task faced by every homeowner. Although it may seem like the kitchen sink can hold just about anything, there are many substances that should not be allowed to go down the drain. Here are a few tips on keeping your drains in good working order.

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Drain Cleaning

1. Use a filter.

There are many kinds of drain filters that fit over the opening to keep unwanted substances from entering the pipes. You can find stainless steel stoppers that hold water in the sink for washing dishes or food preparation while keeping leftover food residue out of the plumbing.

There are wire mesh cups that fit slightly into the drain to catch crumbs and debris before they slide into the pipes. Look for one that fits your drain openings, whether for kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower stall, or garage drains attached to plumbing and filter damaging substances from your wash water.

2. Dispose of substances responsibly.

Cooking grease or any kind of leftover food residue should be poured or scraped into a separate container that can be sealed and disposed of in the trash. Unused cleaning or painting products, along with solvents and other chemicals, must be disposed of in accordance with local ordinances. When substances like these are poured down the sink, bathtub, or toilets, they can damage the pipes and cause clogs or corrosion, which could require professional assistance.

3. Know when to call a professional drain cleaner.

If you have tried all the usual home remedies for clearing a drain clog, such as vinegar and baking soda or pouring hot water down the drain, don’t use commercial cleaners that can damage the pipes. Persistent clogs and or repetitive backup and overflows require the attention of a professional drain cleaner.

The expert will come to your house to evaluate the problem and explain what needs to be done. Chances are it will be an easy fix, but if not, it is better to take care of it now before it gets worse. It is best to let a professional work with the drain system rather than risk damage to the pipes by someone who isn’t as familiar with plumbing issues.

Keeping the drains clean and free of debris requires routine maintenance. A professional drain cleaner can clean the drains routinely if you prefer. Either way, clean plumbing is essential.

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