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Sometimes DIY is NOT an Option

DIY is an attractive option when it comes to construction-involved projects for several reasons. Carrying out improvements, and integrating updates into a living or working space is satisfying, and it adds value.

It can come down to getting the most out of a tight budget, or simply that homeowners are emotionally invested in performing upgrades for personal satisfaction, and hobby.

The down side to any do-it-yourself project, is however, that non-professionals may not have what it takes to carry out project requirements 100% safely, or with adequate knowledge to fully anticipate what could ultimately go wrong.

In order to prevent personal or property injury, and additional expense down the road, it is always important to consider common DIY plumbing mistakes.

Common DIY Plumbing Fixes

Plumbing is anything but a novice trade. At the very least, there are drainage slopes, vents, traps, positioning, and temperature to contemplate. Plumbing basics are more than adhering to the laws of nature. A complete plumbing system involves two entirely separate subsystems. One system carries fresh water in, while the other removes waste. Yet, common plumbing challenges that property owners frequently attempt include positioning drain lines, installation of water-heater equipment, and general bathroom, and kitchen remodeling.

Once property owners peel back the layers of their plumbing system is when the real difficulty begins. Self plumbing fixes subsequently result in over-sloped pipes, incorrect traps, and altogether muddling through a project with the incorrect tools.

Potential Hazards

First, plumbing dangers can include overlooking necessary freeze-protection that can lead to burst pipes, flooding, and mold. Water damage not only ruins the interior of a space, it can certainly be a severe health hazard. Mold affects breathing, causes lung illness and is especially harmful to children and the elderly.

The smallest of leaks are responsible for thousands of dollars in damages. Further, incorrect appliance positioning can lead to hazardous water-heater failure, and sometimes equipment explosion. Finally, septic tank failures can require welding, rerouting of sewer pipes and extensive property damage. Without complete understanding and professional experience in these areas, a DIY project can create a very expensive scenario.

Taking the necessary time to think through a project from start to finish, and appropriately allocating funds for professional services where it counts, will mean the difference between a successful DIY venture, and an overall catastrophe. Avoiding a major incidence, and preventing disaster will make DIY all the more rewarding, when complete.

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