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These Common Mistakes Could Cost You a Fortune...

Owning a home is a wonderful experience that brings lots of joy and happiness. Properly caring for every aspect of a home, including plumbing, involves performing routine maintenance tasks and paying close attention small details that can evolve into problems if left unaddressed.

Because the plumbing in homes is one of the most important features, it pays to keep on top of even minor problems before they cause major ones that can be costly. There are ways to avoid making dangerous or even disastrous plumbing mistakes that cost a lot of money.

How and When to Use Drain Cleaners

At one time or another all homeowners experience clogged drains, but they need to be careful which ones to use and where. Because drains throughout a home are different, they require a different type of cleaner. Reading the labels on commercial products, helps ensure proper their proper use. Almost all commercial drain cleaners can be used safely in bathtubs and showers.

Toilets require a drain cleaner specially made for them and can be damaged if other products are used. A big mistake made by some homeowners is attempting to clean a washing machine drain pipe with some harsh drain cleaner.

Serious damage can happen if these pipes are damaged. If the damage results in a leak, a home can receive severe water damage. If drain cleaners are used too often, they can cause damage to the walls of PVC and metal pipes.

Avoid Foreign Objects in Garbage Disposals or Toilets

A dangerous backup of the flow of the drain in a kitchen sink or toilet can prove devastating. Large items such as potato peels, watermelon rinds or citrus fruits can cause serious damage to a garbage disposal when they are stuck and prevent the motor from running properly.

Disposals pulverize waste and turn it into liquid, which allows it to drain out. They are not intended for large solid materials. A stopped-up disposal and sink drain can overflow and cause significant damage to a kitchen. The same thing can happen with a toilet if attempts are made to flush toys or other solid objects.

Proper Handling of Faucet Handles

When homeowners experience leaky faucets, many make the mistake of attempting to tighten the faucet by pushing on the handle. This only makes the leak or drip worse over time. These drips and leaks can result in a higher water bill.

Consulting a plumber can help determine why the faucet is leaking. Prompt repairs may be needed to prevent more damage and expense in the future.

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