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Detectable Ways to Find Leaks in Your Home

If you run off a public water system, one small water leak can be very costly. Even if you have your own water supply, you must be aware of any leaks as the water can cause a major amount of damage to your Pasadena home.

However, it can be tough to detect a water leak in your home unless it is right in front of you. The following are three ways that can help you to detect a water leak in your home so that you can keep your costs down and prevent the water from causing damage to your home:

Water Pipes

The first step in making sure your home does not have a water leak is to inspect all of the water pipes in your Pasadena home. The lines under your sinks are easy to find, but behind the bathtub or shower may prove difficult.

On the backside of the wall of your bathtub faucet, you should find a panel that can be removed. Pipes that have moisture on them or places that are noticeably wet are good signs that you have a leak.

Hot Water Tank

When most people start searching for water leaks, they often forget about the hot water tank. While you are looking for wet areas on the floor underneath the tank, the water leak could actually be hidden.

The valves usually placed right into a drain so you could have a water leak and not know it. Simply listen carefully to the heater and if you notice a soft hissing sound, you could have a leak.

Outside Signs of a Leak

You also could have a leak in the water pipes coming into your home and it is important to check the area for signs. If you have an area in your yard that is always wet or the ground has suddenly become very soft, it could be that a water pipe is leaking into the ground.

While outside, if you have an irrigation system for your garden or a pool, all of the water pipes and connections should be checked as well.

A water leak doesn’t sound too serious for most homeowners until something major happens, such as a flooded basement. By taking the proper precautions and inspecting the water pipes, hot water tanks, and outside water connections, you can be sure to keep your water costs down and you can prevent damage to your home and yard.

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