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Don't Let Your Pipes Burst This Season

Winter is coming soon, which means heavy snows and freezing temperatures in large portions of the country. Now is the time Pasadena homeowners or renters make sure their properties are ready for harsh weather. This is especially true of household piping.

Household Pipes and Cold Weather

Whether they are made of copper or plastic, household pipes are susceptible to cold temperatures. It is the water inside the pipe that actually freezes, leading to the accumulation of pressure between the blocked area and the faucet. Continued pressurization on this section of the pipe will often cause a rupture. Even a small break in a water pipe can have disastrous consequences for a home and its furnishings.

Pipe failure can occur in areas that do not experience severe temperatures. A rapid drop in the outdoor temperature can lead to ice blockage, as can an improperly set thermostat.

Taking the Right Steps

The key to protecting water pipes is proper insulation. Pipes in the attic or in crawl spaces should be wrapped in heat tape, thermostat-controlled cables or foam material that will both insulate and reinforce them. Water tanks also need to be insulated around the top and on the sides.

Residents should consider installing on their boilers frost protection thermostats that will automatically activate when the air temperature drops below freezing.

Those who already have such devices should make sure they are working properly before winter arrives. It might also be wise to keep open cupboard doors, which will allow warmer room temperatures to reach the cold areas where the pipes are usually located. Additionally, pipes and vents need to be periodically checked for blockage as well as cracks.

Preparing for the Worst

A few simple preventive measures do not require any additional supplies. Garden hoses should be disconnected and outdoor pipes properly drained before winter arrives. Residents should also consider leaving their thermostats at the same temperature and not turned down at night, and heaters should be set to lower temperatures but still kept on in houses that are left vacant for more than a day.

Even preventive measures may not be enough to prevent pipe breakage, which is why Pasadena residents should know how to turn off the water to their properties. Icing should be suspected if the faucet remains dry when the water is turned on and the weather is cold. This is the time to notify a plumber, who can be a real blessing when the household pipes are blocked.

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