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When a person begins having problems with their faucets and fixtures, there can be many potential causes. In most cases, these problems have resulted from failing to notice small problems that turn into bigger ones when left alone.

That is why an annual maintenance check of all the faucets and fixtures in a Pasadena home has become so important in order to keep home repair costs down.

Leaks Could Be the Culprit

Whether it’s a small one or a large one, leaks can be annoying as well as costly. Not only do they waste large amounts of water, but they may also indicate other problems that might need to be addressed.

When a leak is spotted, there’s a good chance the culprit could be something as simple as an O-ring that needs replacing. However, if the fixture is older, it may have other parts that are worn out.

If too many parts are worn out at the same time, it will almost always be cheaper and smarter to purchase a new fixture and have it professionally installed.

Loss of Water Pressure

An annual maintenance check of faucets and fixtures can also reveal a loss of water pressure when they are being used. If this is happening on a regular basis, the most likely reason is a buildup of mineral deposits inside the sink.

This is often a persistent problem with homes that have hard water, and in these cases the faucets and fixtures should be checked monthly to ensure a buildup is not happening that would hamper the faucet’s effectiveness.

If water pressure is dropping frequently at all faucets within the Pasadena home, chances are there is a much bigger problem behind it and a plumber should be called to assess the situation.

Rust and Corrosion

An annual check of faucets and fixtures can usually reveal signs of rust and corrosion. However, while it’s good to find these early on, the bad news is it often signifies other problems may also need to be fixed.

If a faucet or fixture is rusted on the outside, it’s a good bet they are also rusted on the inside. This could indicate the pipes they are connected to could also be rusted, which might lead to pipes leaking and causing significant water damage.

If any signs of rust are present on faucets and fixtures, a plumber needs to be called to make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

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