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Some Importance Behind Winterizing Your Home

Even though we haven’t reached the cold temperatures in the Pasadena area, always stay top of mind on the importance of winterizing your home.

Before winter hits, it’s vital that you prepare your Pasadena home for the freezing temperatures. While you should make sure to do draft tests and seal cracks in the foundation, pipes and your heating system are in jeopardy too.

Heating System

Long before that first cold spell hits, you should make an appointment to have your heating system checked by a professional.

The technician can change filters, check motors and ensure fans are working properly. A plumber might need to check the fittings to be sure that there are no cracks or leaks in the boiler.

Wrap Pipes

If you live in an area of the country where the temperatures can drop below freezing, you need to insulate your pipes.

Pipes in the basement along an outer wall are in the most jeopardy of freezing. Burst pipes can become a serious issue. A plumber can help you insulate pipes against freezing. Heat tape and tubes made of fiberglass are the best bet for your pipes.

Insulate Windows

Storm windows are important for protecting your Pasadena home from the cold. Simple windows in the home can leech warmth, so having storm windows adds an extra layer of protection. Add weather stripping around windows to reduce wasted energy too. You won’t need to worry about cranking the heat to combat the cold air coming into the home.

Leave Faucets Dripping

On a particularly cold night, you should leave the faucets dripping in the kitchen and bathrooms. It doesn’t have to be a constant river of water, but if you leave the faucets open, you’ll be less likely to have a pipe freeze in the basement.

When pipes burst, they don’t burst at the point of the freeze. The pressure builds between the freeze and the faucet, so leaving the faucet open helps to guard against a pipe bursting.

Open Cabinets

If you have cabinets along an exterior wall, you should open them to allow heat into the space. Heat that reaches the pipes will stop them from freezing. Many kitchens have sinks and sink-base cabinets along an exterior wall. They are usually near a window too. Both of those can contribute to a cold pipe under the sink.

If you need help with any of your winterizing projects like wrapping pipes or checking your heating system, give us a call and we can assist you.

Winter is almost upon us in the Pasadena, CA area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call North Brothers Plumbing at (626) 507-5155 today!