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Hard and Soft Water. So What's the Difference?

Not all water is created equal. Some water can contain a considerable amount of extras that can make doing things like laundry, cleaning your dishes and even draining water considerably harder than it would be with pure water.

The two main types of water that you will see in your Pasadena home are soft and hard water. Understanding the differences between each can help you evaluate what your home needs.

Soft Water: Almost Pure Water

Soft water allows for the easiest explanation. It’s nothing but water with a small amount of sodium contained in it.

You’ll find soft water in water that has been filtered or acquired via processes where evaporation is involved, which includes rain.

This type of water, while not pure water, is as close as you can generally get within your Pasadena home. It offers the best results for everything from cleaning to cooking certain foods.

The drawback of soft water is that it tastes salty due to the sodium ions within it. Some of these drawbacks can be overcome by utilizing methods that reduce the sodium content in soft water, which include techniques like deionization and reverse osmosis.

Hard Water: Spots and Other Problems

Water is called hard when it contains other elements in it. These can include calcium, magnesium and a number of minerals.

The source of these additives is the ground. Water naturally attracts them when it comes in contact with the ground due to the weak magnetic forces of water when alkaline metals are introduced to it.

Hard water can be a considerable problem due to the way it works. It’s the reason dishes are anything but spotless no matter how much you wash them and clothes continue to look dirty even after going through several rinse cycles.

The worst part about hard water, however, is the fact that it makes your appliances work harder. The added chemicals make water heavier, which in turn requires more energy to accomplish the same things.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

While soft water is typically the best for cleaning purposes, hard water contains minerals and other elements that may be beneficial to the human body. Each type of water carries specific advantages and disadvantages.

The optimal solution is to avoid hard and soft water together. You can do so by working with our company to update your plumbing, install filters and perform other services that can reduce the amount of minerals in your water.

Couple this with filters that can remove salt from water to have a solution that provides the best of both worlds.

Knowing the differences between hard & soft water in your Pasadena, CA home is important. For more info, call North Brothers Plumbing at (626) 507-5155 today!