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Make Home Maintenance Your Priority This Fall

During the fall months, homeowners may take the opportunity to complete various chores that can reverse some of the effects of regular use and the impact of the summer weather on the home.

This is also a great time to prepare the home for winter. While many maintenance projects are completed without hassle or concern, there are some efforts that can go awry and that can even have disastrous consequences for homeowners.

Issues with Winterizing the Irrigation System

If your home has a sprinkler or irrigation system, autumn is a time to winterize the system. In some areas, such as when a deep, hard freeze is unlikely, winterizing an irrigation system that is installed deeper in the ground is not always needed.

However, if you live in an area that does experience hard freezes or if your system is not installed deep in the ground, winterizing the system is important.

This involves draining all of the water out of the system and turning the water supply off until the warm weather season arises again.

Failure to do this properly can cause the pipes to burst, and ruptured pipes underground can be difficult to detect. This can result in a considerable amount of water waste as well as repair costs.

Problems Servicing the Hot Water Heater

Many people will service the hot water heater annually as well, and the fall is a popular time to do this. This can include draining a tank hot water heater as well as checking the connections for the water and gas connection.

When this is not done correctly, issues related to gas and water leaks can develop. These can be costly and dangerous, and avoiding them is important for the welfare of your Pasadena home and family.

Inadequate Winter Protection for Outside Pipes

Another common maintenance step that Pasadena homeowners will complete in the fall is winter protection for outside pipes. Outside pipes, such as for your water hose, will generally be exposed to cold weather conditions and are more likely than other pipes to freeze.

These pipes should be wrapped properly. Some homeowners, however, will not complete this step properly, and it can cause serious repair issues due to water leaks and ruptured pipes.

If you are preparing to complete fall maintenance around the house, a smart idea is to contact a plumber for assistance. A plumber can help you to complete each of these tasks correctly so that your home remains in great condition.

Remember to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call North Plumbing Brothers at (626) 507-5155 to get your Pasadena, CA home inspected.