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Toilet Clogged? Let Us Handle It!

Homeowners normally encounter many problems with their toilets. One of these problems is a toilet that does not flush properly. Here are some major causes of toilets that do not flush correctly.

Toilets That Fail To Flush

There are two main reasons why your Pasadena home toilet does not work correctly. The first reason may be that the toilet tank has no water.

The supply line that is linked to the toilet tank is the source of the toilet’s water. The supply line has a valve situated behind the toilet bowl. A competent engineer will solve this problem by opening this valve and fixing the float inside the toilet tank.

The other reason your Pasadena home toilet may fail to flush is that the chain linking the flush lever to the flapper is hanging loosely or broken.

A chain that is loose or typically broken causes the flapper to malfunction, and the result is a toilet that does not flush. A good engineer will strengthen the chain or fix a new one.

A Bowl That Does Not Empty

In some situations, a bowl that does not empty is an indicator of a blockage. When a toilet bowl does not empty, and there is no blockage, then the chain that links the flush lever and flapper is too long. Another reason could be that there is low water pressure. An experienced engineer will attempt to reduce the chain’s length or increase the water pressure.

Slow and Continuous Flush

If your toilet is flushing, but the water does not drain everything or drains water slowly, then there is a blockage. Dirt and mineral deposits accumulate under the rim of the toilet’s bowl and block the flow of water. An expert engineer will remove the elements causing the blockage.

When your toilet flushes continuously, this is a sign of leakage. A flapper that is not adjusted properly will cause a leakage when water flows into your tank. A competent engineer will change the flapper to remedy the problem.

A toilet that does not flush properly can be a big inconvenience to any homeowner. Luckily, the main causes of a toilet that fails to flush correctly are minor, and an engineer can fix them quickly at an affordable fee.

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