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Technology Simplifying the Bathroom

Technology is growing all the time, and even toilets are becoming more technologically advanced. There are toilets that have automatic lids that can open and close on their own. The lids have a sensor that can allow the toilet to know that a person is trying to sit down, and then the lid for the toilet seat will come open.

After the person is finished using the toilet, then the lid will also close on its own. There can be many mistakes made by those who forget to lift up a lid, which seems implausible, but this is an event that happens ever so often. Some are in a rush to get to use the bathroom and don’t lift up the lid in time to do their business, so having an automatic lid that opens on its own is very beneficial for those who have this kind of toilet.

Heated Seats

Even if a toilet seat is cushioned, it’s likely to be very cold. Unless there is central heating in the Pasadena home, it’s possible that the bathroom is going to stay very cold, especially since it’s unlikely that those in the home will put a space heater in the bathroom of all places. Even in a home that’s well heated with central air, it doesn’t mean that the toilet seat will ever get warm.

It can be very cold to sit on a toilet seat that hasn’t had a user in a while, especially for someone who may have just recently gotten out of a warm bed. Heated toilet seats are becoming more popular, especially because of the fact that many people who have to deal with cold on a regular basis would love to have them. The seat is heated through a ceramic heater that is connected to the seat, and in some toilets, the heating function can be controlled by a remote.

Self Deodorizing

Since a toilet is anything but clean, even if it’s cleaned regularly, it’s likely to smell. Even after a toilet is used and flushed, a smell may still linger, so a self-deodorizing toilet can be very helpful.

There are toilets that will spray their own deodorizing scents, which not only helps to neutralize the bad smells in the bowl but the smell may also go throughout the room to help mask the smell of the waste that just went down the toilet.

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