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Cut Your Water, Cut Your Losses

Cutting back on water usage benefits everyone, from the property owner to complete strangers. Currently, many Southern California areas continue to experience extreme drought conditions, and water savings are mandatory in those regions. Even property owners in non-drought areas can benefit from using less water, though. Doing so benefits the environment and your wallet.

And if you're wondering what you can beyond the steps below, consider our new GREY WATER RECYCLING SYSTEM. Easy install and considerable savings!

Try the Following Five Easy Ways to Cut Water Usage:

    1. Efficient Practices In The Bathroom and Kitchen
      We recommend that Pasadena-area homeowners change their habits toward water consumption. For instance, faucets should be turned off during teeth brushing or shaving. Dishes should be scrubbed down and washed with minimal water. Shower times should be shortened, and this includes the common warm-up period. With simple changes, hundreds of gallons can be saved.
    2. Low-Flow Fixtures Throughout The House
      To save thousands of gallons annually, we recommend low-flow fixtures. Such fixtures restrict the amount of water leaving the faucet or shower head every minute. Most people won't notice the decreased flow of water in practice. However, the difference in a homeowner's water bill might shock a given person, and these fixtures are cost-effective.
    3. Automated Watering Schedules For Yards/Gardens
      Many Pasadena homeowners take pleasure in maintaining their yards and gardens. Unfortunately, quite a few people still rely upon the gardening hose. We recommend an automated sprinkler or irrigation system instead with a set, efficient schedule. Watering should occur in the morning or at night to optimize and minimize usage all at once.
    4. Only Do Full Dishwasher and Washing Machine Loads
      Residents often fail to fill their dishwashers and washing machines to capacity. Through partial loads, gallons upon gallons of water are wasted for no reason. A fully loaded washing machine or dishwasher accomplishes more work without wasting water. We know this sounds like a simple change, but the water savings make a noticeable difference.
    5. Annual (or Biannual) Plumbing Inspections
      Our final recommendation is an annual inspection from a certified plumbing service. An inspection catches leaking pipes and fixtures. Also, inspections help determine where water is being wasted and how efficiency can be achieved. Only an experienced plumbing service should inspect a home or make changes to fixtures, pipes, or appliances.

The average home requires an annual plumbing inspection. In special cases, a biannual inspection is recommended instead. Homeowners should reduce their water usage whenever and wherever possible. Nobody's going to complain about a shrinking water bill or helping the environment after all. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us today!

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your Pasadena home. Call North Brothers Plumbing & Rooter today at (626) 507-5155 for inspections for water leaks or any plumbing need.