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Diversifying your Sanctuary

White Colors

The year 2016 is now in full swing, those who are looking to remodel their Pasadena bathroom may want to know what trends are going to be in this year, especially if they are looking for some good ideas. One would think that white colors would be something from the past, but the love people have for white colors in their home is not going away, especially when it comes to their bathroom. Many love to have white things in the bathroom, such as a white toilet, a white sink, a white countertop and more. If they choose to have light fixtures in the bathroom, then the walls, the floors, and even the ceiling may be a different color to help set off the white, making the room look more edgy and beautiful. Going with all white isn’t bad either, especially if the person doesn’t mind having a complete whiteout in their bathroom.

Indoor Plants

Many love indoor plants, but few think of having indoor plants in their Pasadena bathroom. The trend this year will be to add more plants to the bathroom, whether they are sitting on the countertop or if they are big enough to sit on the floor. The greenery can bring great design to the room as well as allowing you to put more accessories in the room, such as an oversized vase or flowerpot. Many different plants can work, and the bigger the size, the better it will be for certain types of bathrooms. If the bathroom is relatively small, then a small leafy plant that sits on top of the counter can be great, and it will still serve its purpose of making the room look beautiful as well as gaining attention.

Handmade Items

Many love handmade items, especially for their bathrooms. It’s possible to get handmade tiles, which can easily make a bathroom look absolutely beautiful as well as unique, and this is something that many bathrooms don’t have today. Handmade items are great for bathrooms that want to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, especially if the home is going to be sold. Those who choose to remodel a bathroom with handmade items can seriously up the value of the bathroom as well as the home, but expect to spend extra money for handmade products. It also doesn’t hurt to put some carvings that are also handmade into the bathroom as well.