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What You Can Do

Everyone hates to see a clogged sink, especially when they need to use the sink. It may even be a clogged tub, and the tub isn’t draining, meaning that everything that goes into the tub is just sitting there. Whether it’s a tub, a kitchen sink, or a bathroom sink, these drains can be clogged, and it’s up to a good Pasadena plumber to get them unclogged.

There are several things that can be performed to unclog these drains, but it depends on how bad the clog is, where the clog is, and how long the sink has been clogged. If a clog has been going on for a long time and has never been taken care of, then it’s very likely that the clog will be harder to get rid of.

Plumbers Unclog Sinks This Way

Most Pasadena people generally think of using a plunger to unclog any type of sink, and this can work in some cases, but it won’t necessarily get everything. If a sink has been plunged but is still clogged, even after a lot of gunk comes out of the sink, then there is a deeper issue that needs to be rectified.

A good thing to do is to use a snake, which is something that a plumber may also use, and see what types of things come up. A snake is something made of metal, and the end of it will have a brush that can help to collect any kind of hair or other things that have gone down the drain. If the snake still doesn’t do it, then check the P-trap to see if anything is stuck in there.

The P-trap should hold any clogs that are in the sink, but it’s not necessary that the clog will still be in the P-trap. If the P-trap has no clog, then there may be a much more serious problem, and chemicals, additional plunging, or taking apart the piping system may be necessary to fix the clog.

Get a Plumber Involved

A plumber should know exactly what to do to get to a sink unclogged, depending on where it is. If the piping system has to be taken apart to allow the plumber to fix the clog, then this is definitely something that the normal person can’t do, but a plumber should be able to do it with ease.

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