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Space Saving Whole House Water Filtration System & Purified Drinking Water Filter

$4,410 installed | Lifetime Warranty

We use the highest grade catalytic activated coconut shell carbon on the market giving you better than bottled water quality from every tap in your home, saving money and helping the environment.

High-grade catalytic activated coconut carbon that is solid block technology. Our carbon block technology filters both chlorine and chloramine giving you the best possible filtration from every tap in your home.

Local cities and municipalities often use both chlorine and chloramine throughout the year for disinfection so picking the filtration system that addresses both chemicals is very important.

Designed for homes with 1-6 bathrooms. There’s virtually no pressure drop and has a high 15-gallon per minute flow rate. So whether you have a 3 bathroom or a 6-bathroom home, one system is all you need!

Price includes both space saving whole house filter, space saving purified drinking water filter, tax, labor and all parts needed for professional installation.

Lifetime warranty on whole house water filter system.






Space Saving Purified Drinking Water Filter

$714.90 when purchased and installed separately

7-stage filtration , 600 GPD, 2:1 low drain ratio & space saving tankless design.